about us


Cricklewood Boxing Club was established by Rob Buick in 2016.

We’re an inclusive club where all members are invited from a variety of backgrounds. We encourage beginners and those wishing to become pro’s to join our friendly team.

With our range of different classes you’ll be sure to find something tailored towards you.

Cricklewood boxing club is also a charity, if you would like to sponsor us let us know and here is our charity number below for future references.


“I started boxing at the age of 13 and I had my first few fights when boxing was not as popular as it is today. One guy in my club won the County Antrim championship and Ulster championship, then he went to Dublin and won the all Ireland in the same season. His next fight was against me and I won. Although I never was a champion, I always say I beat an all Ireland Champion…

I was boxing well in my early 20’s, stopping a lot of guys by KO, then I picked up a bad injury on my ankle (pulled ligaments). I decided to start teaching and set up Cricklewood Boxing Club.

We have many talented boxers at Cricklewood Boxing Club, with members from all backgrounds. This is what boxing is all about. One of my passions is to help those who are struggling in life with school, drugs, alcohol, crime, anti-social behaviour etc… We believe with enough encouragement the best boxers will turn pro and become world champions.”